Communications and Telecommunications

Over the past few decades, telecommunication technology has been instrumental in both economic and social performance and, in parallel, has had tremendous impacts on communities, businesses and individuals.

The vision of this company is to achieve strategic leadership in issues related to the activities and provision of services in the field of communications, telecommunications and mobile to customers, and in this regard, the human resources of the specialist and the internationally recognized foreign and domestic partners to increase the impact of the business environment, strengthening the ability to participate in new development projects, research, development of innovative ideas.

The Arvand Hamerz Group, as an executive and investment holding with affiliated companies inside and outside Iran, based on meeting the needs and demands of customers in the fields of communications, telecommunications and mobile, and providing capital, using the effective corporate system and Strategic Thinking  is founded.

The group, employing ICT specialist experts in the field of providing all telecommunications equipment from reputable brands in the transmission, network, switch, routers, access gateway, and support for telecommunication networks, creation, development and participation in value-added services In the fixed and mobile, VOIP, network monitoring, Billing, Fraud Management, Revenue Assurance, cable, towers and BTS installation, emergency locking, network cable, fiber optic, implementation of various simulations for telecommunication systems, design And the implementation and development of Call Centers including the Call Center or Contact Center and the design and implementation of software related to contact centers and analysis their data by data and text mining technic.