Food Industry

A story of sweetness and the taste of life since 2007. The delicious & sweet world of humerz Group started out in 2007 with a pack of croissant. However, with the trust and loyalty shown by consumers in Iran and many countries around the world, humerz Group has continuously worked hard for the satisfaction and the good health of the consumers as the main asset to the company.
Humerz group, over its fast historical development from a small factory to a confectionery group, has demonstrated an enviable capability to adjust to an ever-changing external environment.
humerz group cost leadership and differentiated services are the drivers for growing much faster than the markets. Humerz group has a strong focus on quality and on innovation.
humerz group has many products to cater for the many different customer needs and customer habits in different markets. To be able to continually meet their changing needs, humerz group puts a strong focus on new product development. humerz Group is, due to its products quality and customer services and its policy of expansion and growth is well known.
humerz group is the clear out post in a range of cakes, chocolates and confectionery not only for production, sales and production range, but also for distribution reaches. Innovation and renovation continues to be the lifeblood of internal growth of humerz Group. Consumers are always seeking new concepts and experiences and it is humerz’s innovation that provides them.