Information Technology

In the last few decades, information technology has been instrumental in both economic and social performance and, in parallel, has created tremendous impacts on societies, businesses and individuals. The vision of this company is to reach the strategic role and leadership in the issues related to the activities and provision of services in the field of information technology to customers, and in this regard, the human resources of the specialist and the international and foreign partners to increase the impact on the business environment, strengthening the ability to participate in new development projects, research, development and streamlining of innovative and creative ideas.

The Arvand Hamerz Group as an executive and investment holding with affiliated companies both inside and outside Iran, based on meeting the needs and demands of customers in the areas of information technology and capital financing, utilizing the effective corporate governance and Strategic thinking system is founded .

The team is deployed by highly qualified IT experts in consulting, designing, developing, implementing and supporting comprehensive information and management systems such as ERP, CRM, MIS and business intelligence, database integration, data mining and advanced search algorithms implementation, software development, especially mobile apps for business platform development, website design and implementation, design and implementation of network services, design and implementation of data center, design and implementation of various software and security solutions in the network, the provision of all equipment, components and modules of computer hardware prestigious brands including Access Server Routing, Switching, Storage, Cloud particularly in the areas of SaaS, Firewall, network, switch and passive equipment including network cable, rack types, optical fiber, optical fiber adapter and spiliter is active.