Measurment & Precision

One of our field of activities is measurement and precision tools. We present both measurement tools and systems for management of consumption of gas and electricity. our business partner in this field is AEM company. aem is specialized in producing gas and electricity meters and also system for controlling consumption.



AEM provides innovative products and solutions. The entire production process is conducted by top specialists from AEM, with modern robots, which are specifically designed for the company’s needs.

The level of integration of the manufacturing process is now 100%. Parts and subassemblies of products are manufactured by specialized people in the field, which ensures quality, cost efficiency, flexibility and timeliness.

Research and innovation

Whether it’s about products, solutions and services, or our employees, specialized in research and energy measuremencercetare-2t, we have been bringing up new ideas and concepts for more than 40 years. This is a guarantee of AEM success.

Therefore, when it comes to research and innovation, we rely on the staff of our company, which uses advanced computer systems and applications dedicated to computer aided design for products, to be increasingly effective.

The entire design process is the result of the cumulative efforts of these top specialists, all products being designed and developed in accordance with THE national and international norms and standards within the company’s own department of research and development.

City symbol

The tradition met innovation in Timisoara, resulting in a company with remarkable success in energy measurement. AEM is a symbol of the city and a global provider of gas and electricity meters.despre-noi

It has been four decades since tradition met innovation, four decades since the first meter came off the production line, which certifies the maturity of the company.
AEM, located in the western part of Romania, was founded in 1970 and is an important symbol of Timisoara. From its foundation until today, AEM has been recognized both in the territory of Romania and abroad as one of the leading manufacturers and a global provider of electricity and gas meters.

The tradition continues today, AEM’s target is to enter new markets. In this regard, AEM uses strategies to enter the market through participation in international fairs and exhibitions, presentations and seminars of potential customers or through participation in various pre-qualification processes.


At AEM we go beyond innovation, so we develop integrated solutions for metering and communication for customers. Our experts are familiar with all market requirements, developing a range of integrated solutions under AMM systems. In an evolving medium, ARGUS systems are flexible and efficient for both data acquisition, and management and distribution of information to customers, distributors, state companies or service providers.
A system consisting of hardware and software that reads energy (gas or electricity) consumption communicates with a server and automatically sends invoices to customers. With AEM intelligent solutions, everything is possible.

The company has invested in the implementation of automated installations to provide products with the highest standards of quality. Data acquisition processes are performed by process computers, ensuring production processes to the smallest details, minimizing the risk of human error.

Being aware of the electricity market demands, the company has developed a range of intelligent solutions such as SMART AMR systems, providing flexibility and efficiency for both data acquisition and for the management and distribution of information to customers, suppliers, utility companies or service providers, facilitating their integration with other data management systems.

To ensure the highest quality levels, meter assembly workshops are equipped with the latest generation automated installations. Metrological testing of meters is made with high performance equipment in automated systems and computer-aided process.

AEM SA relies on people specialized in energy research and metering using advanced computer systems and computer aided design applications for all our products to reach the highest level of quality.