Humerz’s main approach is to supply and export all types of Petroleum, gas, petrochemical and chemical products from National Iranian Oil Company, National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company, National Petrochemical Company, Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company, private and state-owned petrochemical companies, National Iranian Gas Company and etc to all over the world.

Humerz’s main objective is expanding export of petroleum and petrochemical products and creating new markets for these products all over the world to achieve bigger market share in these fields.

In this regard Humerz has done many activities, such as creation of specialized teams, getting representativeness from above companies, membership in oil and petroleum organizations and joint chambers of commerce of Iran and other countries and establishing of offices in other countries such as Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Australia and turkey.

Making products accessible in target markets, making connection between consumers and potential customers around the world and suppliers, delivering services and quick and appropriate responsiveness are the main activities that humerz put them on its agenda.