Railway & automotive

One of fields of our activities is railway and automotive. we perform railway and automotive project in cooperation with our business partners such as Grampet Group and castrosua.


Grampet Group

In the XXI century, the ones who succeed are the ones who have the ability to anticipate the trends and who have thegrampet strength to keep up with the more accelerated rhythm of a world in a continuous movement. Distances are smaller, time is shorter, goods travel more, faster and further. From its beginning, Grampet Group was a leader of freight transports from Central and South – Eastern Europe, having the ne
cessary determination strength and resources to turn its vision into reality. The company, with its headquarters in Romania, managed in record time to extend in nine countries, drawing a genuine iron spine of Central and South – Eastern Europe, connecting the west of Europe to the shore of the Black Sea. The future expansions will bring the completion of our project: the capacity to offer integrated logistics services on the routes that link The North Sea to The Adriatic Sea, The Black Sea and The Aegean Sea. Soon we will be able to connect to The Middle East through the agreement signed with Turkey, becoming the most important strategic player of this region.
Grampet Group means the continuation of a vision born more than ten years ago: the facilitation of the access towards Asia- the most important pole of capital and production nowadays. I have the faith that in the shortest time we will evolve from one of the most significant regional player into one of the most important European players, and in time, into a global player. It is certain that Grampet Group is in the first line, leading the offense for a bigger connection, because we understand that the future does not only need to be expected, but also welcomed.





 We are proud of what we are. It is what distinguishes us.For more than 60 years we have been one of the key companies in the production of bodywork in Spain. Today we still share the same values that have made us a consolidated brand. A family business with an international mission. A vision that is based on our commitment to our clients. Because trust is earned day after day.

Sesión fotográfica concuso/catálogo prototipo Castrosúa New City 2014.

To speak of Castrosua is to speak of a part of the history of Spain’s automotive industry.
We started off in 1948 in O Carballiño (Ourense). Throughout our career, innovation has always been one of our values.We began manufacturing bodywork solely out of wood. The great success of this early bodywork caused orders to multiply. The first workshop soon became too small. We moved to Vilagarcía de Arousa.

Our orders and infrastructures grew so that in the 50s we already had 50 employees. In the 60s the factory grew with new facilities in Santiago de Compostela. Our strategic alliance with Pegaso resulted in increased orders and the growing prestige of our brand.

At the end of the 60s we motivated the creation of Unión Carrocera, with production plants in Vilagarcía, Santiago, Ourense, Viveiro and Manresa. The renewal of Castrosua took place in 1979, with the purchase of the Santiago plant and it quickly became the reference firm for the production of coaches.We continued to grow. In the 80s we founded Insular Carrocera. And in the 90s we created Cidsa (Castro Inversión y Desarrollo), devoted to the development of technology. A year later we purchased Carsa (Castro Carrocera).


Today more than 350 people make up Castrosua’s Group (Carsa, Insular, Cidsa and our facilities occupy over 90,000 square metres. Our strong belief in innovation, our international vocation and our development of strategic alliances are our three basic pillars.